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District 2241 Romania and Moldova Republic

During the period 2003-2019 we planted:

212.654 trees

In 2019 we planted:

33.470 trees

 Marian Neagoe


"Dear Rotarian friends,

We are all concerned about the environment, the people and the well being of our children. The air we breathe is the product of the forests and what has been happening in the past years does not give us too much hope for the better.

Last fall, Rotary Club of Oradea organised the 13th edition of "The Rotary Planting" event and we know that other clubs in the district have also organised such activities during past years.

Planting 1 million trees at the District level, in our Rotarian year, is an ambitious and extensive project Rotary specific.

There is a strong need to join forces within District 2241 for a big project, with a major and constant impact over time. Many clubs and maybe even districts of the world organize such activities."

Marian Neagoe
2007-2008 President RC Oradea
2016-2019 Membership Committee Chair
District 2241 Romania and Republic of Moldova


Padurea Rotary
About project

About project

We are all concerned about the current health of the environment and of people and the good of our followers ...

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