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"The indifference seriously damages to society"

We are all concerned about the current health of the environment, of the people and also the good of our descendants.
The air we breathe is produced by forests, and what happens in the last 27 years gives us hope for better.
Rotary Club Oradea organized on previous autumn the 13th edition of "Rotary planting" and we know that other clubs in the district have organized such actions over the years.
We need to join forces of the entire District 2241 for a major project with major and constant impact over time.
Many clubs and districts in the world can even do such actions.

We cannot remain indifferent knowing that last summer the Earth produced oxygen in deficit as compared to the global consumption.


Our mission is to involve public opinion, civil society, authorities, mass-media, sponsors and other volunteering organizations in growing and protecting forests.

  • Impact national media with an effect in civil society
  • Administrative and political effects that are concrete and practical, but also with results on the short, medium and long term
  • Education of young people in schools (an effect even more pronounced through the involvement of Interact and Rotaract)
  • The mobilisation of public opinion
  • Encouraging other organizations in protecting and planting forests
  • Reducing illegal deforestation
  • We propose organizing this project anually at the level of District 2241 with the purpose of it being a gift for humanity
  • A partnership with Romsilva
  • A partnership with the Ministry of Waters and Forests
  • Local partners and sponsors

Our target is to be able to plant anually a minimum of 1 million trees, by organizing planting activities with over 3400 rotarians from 122 Rotary clubs.
We have the experience of 13 such editions with activities in collaboration with Interact, Rotaract, schools from the county, townhalls and Romsilva.
The Rotary clubs in Oradea endorse and propose this project to be implemented at the level of the entire district. I offer my availability to coordinate and implement this project at the district level, so that anually we will manage to plant a million trees in total in District 2241.

With kind regards,,
Marian Neagoe
Rotary Club Oradea

If you plant honor, you will collect trust,
If you plant goodness, you will gather friends,
If you plant humility, you will gather greatness,
If you plant perseverance, you will gather satisfaction,
If you plant respect, you will gather perspective,
If you plant diligence, you will gather success,
If you plant forgiveness, you will gather reconciliation,
Important: what you plant today, you will gather tomorrow.


Planting up to
2000 saplings

Costs can be minimal, as in the case of our club, because someone is volunteering with:

  • the bus that transports young people and children from Rotaract, Interact and Rotakids and from schools if necessary
  • transporting of tools and saplings
  • holes are done previously, preferably in a mechanized manner, with the logistic support of colleagues in charge of the project
  • the saplings are received for free through the sponsorship of Romsilva which encourages such actions
  • transportation for food, sweets, water, mass-media figures etc.
  • the only cost incurred is the one concerning the outdoor activity organized after the event
  • there were years when we decided to plant fruit trees and then we had large costs concerning their aquisition

If planting is done in the rural areas, there will be discussions with the directors of the schools and high schools from the neighborhood , and children , young people and teachers walk and bring tools from their household.

Planting between 2000 and
20000 saplings (or even more)

This implies larger costs, because of the amplitude of the planting project, when a team of specialists would be involved to dig the holes and effectively participate in the planting.

  • you can plant 4-5000 saplings/ha
  • working with a company we negociated with, the cost for planting 10000 saplings is 6000 lei.

The advantages of planting alongside a private association are multiple:

  • easy communication
  • support
  • protection and upkeep of the planting

To reflect upon

Nature grows constantly and inevitably.
We’re helped by those nourishing rains, but we can’t remain uncaring to climate change and anual climate catastrophes from our country.

Indifference gravely affects our society and general disinterest influences all of us!

The project should educate, bring awareness, unite our energies, and reduce deforestation.

Valuable projects unite and strengthen the members of our clubs.

Valuable projects generate positive exposure in local communities and attract valuable people alongside our club.

With kind regards,
Marian Neagoe

Where we can plant

  • in front of the apartment house
  • in the children’s playground
  • in the courtyard of the church or the school
  • in front of the nursing homes for elders and foster homes for children
  • street scenery
  • identifying townhalls that posses public and unproductive lands where you can grow trees.
  • local public figures that could promote this initiative
  • the land of private associations which make the land available

The most sustainable plantings were the ones in the neighborhood of foster homes, of schools and other places where the watering and the essential nourishing done afterwards, was done voluntarily.

There were years when we were in contact with townhalls to establish the locations of the projects.

There are clubs that do the planting during spring.

Why a million?

  • a project must be SMART specific, measurable, ambitious, achievable, in a given time frame
  • although there is the problem of tangibility, let’s not forget that the number 2 is next (a million in the spring and a million in the autumn)
  • time is our ally

Good news abound:

  • clubs that adopt the project
  • clubs that use their far-reaching experience and come with solutions
  • partners that put at our disposal saplings and machinery
  • there are discussions between the leadership of District 2241 and RNP
Rotary planting